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Challenge by Cintra is an internship program that focuses on two key concepts, excellence and innovation, in order to train young talented professionals. This is a great opportunity to spend a year in an international working environment and to develop your career in different areas of an organization that is a leader in transportation infrastructure.

Our goal: to provide skills today that will allow you to be an excellent professional tomorrow.


Program structure


Cintra offers 4 international intern positions for

candidates from Spanish and Portuguese universities.


Interns will spend a 6-month period at one of Cintra’s corporate and business areas in their home country. You will be given the opportunity to improve your knowledge of the industry with some of the best professionals in the sector. Those who demonstrate excellent performance after the first 6 months will have the opportunity to spend the next 6 months abroad to improve their skills with more practical training.


This second phase of the program will be held in one of the international locations where Cintra operates. Thus, interns will be able to implement what they have learned with the added value of working in a different culture.


  Candidates will have the opportunity to complete their training at one of Cintra’s international locations including:
  • the United States,
  • Canada,
  • Australia,
  • Spain,
  • Ireland,
  • UK or
  • Portugal.

The Challenge by Cintra program provides a tremendous opportunity in professional development. Candidates have the chance to gain an international perspective in the year long program and work with internationally diverse colleagues in two different countries.


What we offer

Recent graduates will be enrolled in the one year Master in Decision Making and Innovation in the framework of the GAIA Program by Fundación Universidad-Empresa and Universidad de Alcalá.

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Monthly grant depending on the home/destination country
Starting date: November, 2017
Financial aid for flights, housing, etc.

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  The Master in Decision Making and Innovation is a 90 ECTS postgraduate degree awarded by the Universidad de Alcalá.

This Master degree has been jointly designed with companies and institutions. It aims at helping students gain an academic training oriented to their entry into the labour market or to help active workers improve their professional competences.

The GAIA Program, Master in Decision Making and Innovation, is composed of eight monthly modules, two simultaneous modules, one internship module and a final project, along with a 12-month internship period at the company.

The University of Alcalá, Heritage of Humanity, is one of the oldest universities in Europe and it has its origins in the Estudio General created on 20th may 1293.

Today, Universidad de Alcalá is a modern university that offers a great number of studies which are in pair with the European Higher Education Area. These studies comprise all areas of knowledge, from Humanities to Engineering, Social Sciences, Experimental and Biomedical Sciences.

Over 28.000 students are currently enrolled in official studies at Universidad de Alcalá, from which 19.000 are undergraduates and 9.000 graduate students.


What we look for


We are looking for graduates in:

Business management
Civil engineering
Transportation engineering
Human Resources

Candidate profile:

Interest in company sector and activities
Ability to interact with colleagues in a self-managed team structure
Must be able to multitask, problem solve, prioritize and implement innovative processes within a fast-paced environment
High interpersonal communication skills
Good working knowledge of English
Good working knowledge of Spanish



  Description of areas
Business Development Department: assisting the Project Managers in responding to and preparing proposals and agreements between Cintra and procuring agencies, advisors, and lenders.
Financial Department: assisting the team in building financial models, optimizing them, reporting their findings, and providing financial advice to the rest of the company.
Technical Department: providing support to the three areas of the department —Design and Construction, Traffic and Revenue, and Operation and Maintenance—performing tasks such as data collection, data analysis, preparation of report sections, measurement of quantities in schematic drawings, tasks related to new projects, and technical support to existing projects under construction or operation.
Human resources: assisting the team in the three main areas within the Development department, and carrying out tasks related to training, development, and recruiting, along with other processes and initiatives.
Legal: assisting the legal team in specific areas, such as financial, corporate or international, with the possibility of participating in large-scale projects at both national and international levels.

**The candidate from Portugal will start his internship in Cintra's Spanish headquarter's in Madrid.

Calle Pedro Salinas 11, edificio anexo 2ª planta. 28043 Madrid
+34 91 548 9879 |
fue.es | cintra@fue.es


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